What is the Best Way to Stain Painted Cabinets?


Do your kitchen cabinets looked tired and worn out? Beautiful new cabinets would brighten up your home and increase its value. However, not everyone in the Denver area can afford the cost. Cabinet paint is one option, and you can stain your cabinets, but what is the best way to stain painted cabinets? Here are two different approaches you can take with important information about each method.


The most effective way to cover paint is to remove it. This involves a lot of hard work plus odorous chemicals or sanding if you do it yourself. A full-service painting & finishing company like Imhoff Fine Residential Painting can do this work for you, and in the most cost-effective manner.

Gel Stain

Gel Stain is a relatively new staining product on the market. It has the consistency of syrup and can be used to cover a variety of surfaces and finishes. Residential painting companies use this kind of finishing for certain applications only because it has its limitations.

Pros of Gel Staining

Gel stain is not used a great deal for exterior painting. Instead, it has a lot of uses indoors. The product is very forgiving when it comes to covering up defects and old finishes. In some cases, you can leave the cabinets doors in place. Besides painted wood, you can use a gel stain over non-porous materials like metal and fiberglass.

Problems with Gel Staining

Gel stain is not always easy to work with, and it dries slowly. This is why many people in Englewood, Cherry Hills Village, and surrounding suburbs choose professional painting services with a 9 Year Material AND Labor Warranty. These companies come to your home and provide detailed estimates for the work. They also offer professional advice on colors, staining, and a wide range of finishes for your home.

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