What Is the Best Way to Load a Moving Truck?

Moving and Relocating

While it may seem like you just started planning your move yesterday, the time has wound down far too quickly, and you’re faced with a growing sea of tasks to wade through. One of those includes packing all the belongings you intend to take with you and load them into your moving truck. A large percentage of people tend to find this part of the move one of the most overwhelming. It’s okay if you feel the same! Knowing how to approach this task, however, and hiring adequate help in the form of residential movers in Waterford, MI can make everything a lot easier. Here’s how to approach packing and loading your truck when the time comes.

Spread Your Packed Belongings out Within the Truck

The weight of all of your items must sit evenly inside the truck. This will ensure your things remain safe during transport. There is much less risk of everything sliding around and falling. It also will assist your team of residential movers in Waterford, MI regarding unloading everything for you later more safely and efficiently.

Load All of Your Tables, Headboards, and Couches Sitting Upright

These items will be some of the largest you own. As such, loading them upright rather than how they naturally sit will help you make more room. Be sure to wrap these items in padding to keep them safe.

Disassemble Your Furniture Beforehand

Although your furniture may not seem to take up too much space in your old home, loading it into your moving truck fully intact can quickly use up most of the space you’ll need. Taking your furniture apart before moving day solves this problem. Remove shelves from bookcases, legs from tables and generally try to be as thorough as you can. Anything you can’t take apart safely or completely can be used to store your smaller items while everything is loaded onto the truck.

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