What is the Best Bed Bug treatment in Rochester, NY?

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Many Americans have bed bug problems, but do not realize it. That is because modern chemicals have kept bed bugs under control in the country for many years. However, the insects have become resistant to many treatments, and U.S. citizens are traveling more. They innocently bring the bugs home from other countries. If you think you have an infestation, and are searching for the most effective bed bug treatment in Rochester, NY, you should consider the following:

IDENTIFICATION: You need to make sure that bed bugs are actually the problem. These insects feed on humans while they sleep, and are attracted by the carbon dioxide they exhale, as well as body warmth. Unlike most insects, who bite in random patterns, these bugs tend to leave marks in straight lines. Females can lay hundreds of eggs in a lifetime, and the insects will thrive in your closet, mattresses, and even the trim molding in your room.

HEAT: Bed bugs and their eggs can be destroyed at temperatures that exceed 120 degrees. Many people wrap affected clothing and bedding in plastic and leave it in the summer heat, to destroy the bugs. You can also toss items in the dryer and get the same affect. However, you would still need to scrub your entire home thoroughly.

SURFACE SPRAYS AND DUSTS: Some folk remedies, such as spraying alcohol directly on bed bugs, kills them, but does not destroy eggs or hidden bugs. You can also buy insecticides and dusts which kill the bugs; however, these can be toxic to you and your pets when not handled with care. Any of these methods are extremely time and labor intensive, since you have to treat your entire home.

PROFESSIONAL TREATMENT: A pest control company can eliminate bed bugs safely and efficiently. You can get information about their methods by viewing their website. When you Visit this site, you will get information about how bed bugs get into your home, their habits, and professional elimination procedures. When technicians visit your home, they will typically treat the entire house once, and follow up, to ensure the problem is solved.

Bed bugs are a growing problem in the U.S., and the insects are hard to get rid of. There are several ways to eliminate them, but the simplest and most efficient is to hire professionals, who offer a guaranteed solution.