What Is Restylane Silk Filler Used For?


As a person ages there are marked changes in the facial area, including the lips and the area surrounding the mouth. Although this is a natural process there is no reason why you have to live with these lines and wrinkles. There are numerous dermal fillers available that can restore the fullness to your face without having a Botox treatment. Restylane Silk in Chicago is FDA approved; as a matter of fact it is the only FDA approved dermal filler especially formulated for lip enhancement and the elimination of small lines around the mouth.

What is Restylane Silk?

Restylane Silk is one of the family of Restylane products, all of which are formulated to add volume to the face and correct wrinkles and folds. Restylane Silk is a gel made from hyaluronic acid which is a naturally occurring component of the human body. Hyaluronic acid is that which adds moisture to skin as well as firmness. Less and less naturally occurring hyaluronic acid is produced as a person ages, the result is shrinking of the skin and the development of lines and wrinkles. Restylane Silk is that Restylane product that restores volume to the lips and smoothes out fine lines in the area of the mouth.

What is the procedure?

Restylane Silk in Chicago is manufactured from extremely fine particles of hyaluronic acid. A trained technician, using a very fine needle, injects a small amount of the product into each lip and the area surrounding the mouth. It is a very simple, virtually pain free procedure that can be done in less than an hour and because there are few after effects it can even be done over the lunch hour.


Basically there is no recovery at all, the areas where the needle was inserted may be slightly uncomfortable but by the next day you will not remember it happening. The results are immediate and should last for at least six months and as much as a year; this depends on how quickly the gel is absorbed into the body. Visit The Michael Horn Center for Cosmetic Surgery at https://www.lakeshoreplasticsurgery.com for more information.