What Is Pet Dental Care in Sugar Land?


If you have a pet, you need to be thinking about pet dental care. Just as your own teeth, your pet’s teeth need to be taken care of. The difference is that pet dental care is not as easy as your own care. It’s very difficult to try to brush a dog’s teeth. Fortunately, dogs’ saliva is made of different substances and so routine care isn’t as rigorous. Instead, you need to make sure you are buying the right toys and treats to keep your dog’s teeth healthy.

Toys and Treats

You will need certain kinds of toys and treats for effective pet dental care in Sugar Land. You can typically get them from a good veterinarian who will supply them; alternately, the vet will be able to recommend different treats that are great. Toys and treats help keep your pet’s teeth clean by encouraging him or her to chew on them. The treats are typically made of edible but abrasive substances that will scrape the plaque off the teeth as the dog chews. They work similarly to the dentist tool that scrapes away plaque.

Furthermore, the treats are often made with some kind of antibacterial agent that helps to kill dangerous bacteria that might be growing in the mouth. That’s why the treats often make your pet’s breath smell better. You should consult Greatwood Veterinary Hospital about toys and treats.

Dental Care

From time to time, you’ll need pet dental care from specialists. They will clean your pet’s teeth much as a dentist does. They’ll also be able to analyze your pet’s teeth to determine if anything has gone wrong. They’ll be able to see signs of gingivitis and other teeth problems and treat them before they become too bad. A pet with healthy teeth is much more capable of living a healthy life; he or she will also have a much better temperament. Tooth pain can cause even the nicest pets to get cranky. View website for more details about pet dental care in Sugar Land.