What is involved in office cleaning?

Cleaning Service

A clean working environment is important for those who work in it as well as those that visit the office. As highly skilled employees are far too valuable to be assigned cleaning duties wise business managers turn to companies that provide office cleaning in NYC, these companies are designed to deal with the needs posed by different types of office environments. On the surface, office cleaning may look simple but the truth is it is a demanding task that requires operators to have specific skills to enable them to do the job properly.

Office cleaning in NYC is quite different from house or apartment leaning. The typical residence can be cleaned during the day, in the majority of cases this is not the case for an office; during the day it is busy and full of people. An office also has considerably more pedestrian traffic than would be expected in a home; there may only be five or six people in an average home, there are far more than that in a typical office.

Choosing the right company:

It is a well known fact that a clean working environment is a very important component of good employee morale. Waste bins overflowing with trash, offensive odors in the rest rooms and filthy surfaces are not pleasant. If the office management expects the employees to keep the place clean they are willing to take a rather drastic drop in productivity; office employees are hired for specific skills, cleaning is not one of them.

When you are faced with having to hire a company that offers office cleaning in NYC consider a few things first:

  • A wide range of services: Don’t hire a specialist company, if you get a company that primarily cleans windows or floors you can’t expect them to do a good job of dusting, vacuuming, cleaning the rest rooms, etc.

  • Flexibility: Work with a company that is happy to work with you. The best commercial office cleaners are happy to tailor make a plan that suits your needs and your budget.

  • Extra work: It is not necessary to do everything every day. The routine cleaning is one thing, this will done on a regular basis but it is not necessary to strip and re-wax the floors every week. Look for a company that is capable of providing additional services on a “when needed” basis.

As the cleaners will have access to your office after hours it is very important that they are trustworthy, responsible, self-motivated and do the job right as agreed. Take time to investigate how the company screens its employees and trains them; make sure they are certified and bonded.

Nothing impresses visitors more or maintains employee morale more than a clean, neat, well organized office. If you are looking for the company that is known for providing excellent office cleaning in NYC you are invited to contact eMaids Inc.