What is a tube sock?


A tube sock has no defined heel or toe area, these Hytest socks are knitted in one continuous tube. As a result of the way they are produced; one size fits all. The purchasing decisions are based on how far the wearer wishes the sock to reach up his or her leg and the foot size. These types of socks are readily available from sporting goods retailers as well as those who sell specialty shoes such as safety shoes. Although most people opt for factory made Hytest socks, the tube sock, because of the design is also a good starter project for someone who wishes to begin knitting.

Tube socks are mostly associated with sports; they are available in stripped versions so they are retro or “old school” in design. The socks that are preferred by a sportsman has a low cotton content as cotton does very little to absorb moisture so it is easy for blisters to develop. These socks are made in a host of different fibers, both natural and synthetic and they are also available in different weights. In most instances heavy weight socks are worn for winter sports and when working outdoors in cold climates. Dressier versions are often the choice for dress or summer use.

The true tube sock is little more than a long tube which is closed at the toe. However, there are variations which have a knitted heel and heavier toe but they do have the ribbed cuff the same as any tube sock. This variation is often worn under work boots as they provide a more comfortable base. The ribbing helps the sock stay in place on the calf but eventually the elasticity diminishes and the sock will slip when worn, this is usually an indicator that the sock is reaching the end of its useful life.

In the construction industry, may people wear Hytest socks due to their comfort and the insulation properties they provide during cold and wet weather. On the other hand, tube socks are often worn as a fashion item; they can be used effectively when the idea is to create a certain look. Today, many ice skaters wear them as they are marketed to compliment old school skating attire.

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