What is a Living Will?

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A living will can also be referred to as a healthcare directive or as an advance directive. Don’t let the name fool you, it is nothing at all like the wills people leave when they die bequeathing their assets to others. What a living will does is let everyone know how you wish your medical care to be carried out at the end of your life if you become unable to effectively communicate your wishes. A living wills attorney in Davenport IA area can be quite effective in drawing up a document that can provide guidance to healthcare professionals and to your family members about what your wishes are, say if you are in a coma and you wish to not be resuscitated. If this happened to you and there is no document expressly stating what your wishes are, then your family members can to be left wondering and guessing what they should do and they could even end up in a dispute than a court would have to rule on.

How is a Living Will Created?

Every state has their own regulations pertaining to what and how needs to be in a living will. That is why in order to be sure that your wishes are followed to the letter it is best that you have it drafted in finished by a living wills attorney in Davenport IA. You can even have this done at the same time as you have your will completed.

How does a Living Will Work?

You can put your wishes into your living will in as great or as little detail as you see fit. Most people will state that they agree to allow palliative care that they do not want extraordinary measures to be taken under certain circumstances. The authority that you grant in a living will ends when you die unless you have given someone the authority to decide whether or not your organs will be donated. If this is something you have been considering, contact David J. Franks to make an appointment for a consultation.