What Is a Lane Departure System for Cars?


Getting out on the road can be hazardous even in the best of circumstances. With so many drivers on the road today and increased congestion in cities and suburbs, it can seem so easy to get into an accident. When bad road conditions or inclement weather are added to the mix, driving can be positively dangerous. However, today’s cars are typically designed with special electronic safety components that aim to keep drivers safe from some of the most common issues.

For example, a Lane Departure System Ponte Vedra aims to keep drivers in their lanes at all times. Some accidents occur when drivers drift over to another lane of traffic, often leading to side-swiping or even head-on collisions with traffic heading in the opposite direction. Lane departure systems audibly warn drivers when they are drifting out of their lanes, giving them a chance to correct their directions and avoid costly and life-changing accidents.

Studies have shown that a Lane Departure System Ponte Vedra can significantly reduce auto accidents by over 20 percent. While this system will not self-correct the car, it will notify the driver of the drifting. Therefore, drivers must still be aware of their environments at all times.

Sadly, some cars do not have these electronics yet. Some cars were manufactured before Lane Departure Systems in Ponte Vedra were created. Others added these systems as special features if drivers were willing to pay more. Thankfully, One-Stop Calibration can seamlessly add these systems to any make or model of car, calibrating measurements to that specific size of vehicle. Calibration is fast and easy and is an important step to keeping drivers safe. By choosing One-Stop, after-market camera systems can be added to cars of any age for safety and convenience.