What Is a Ductless Air Conditioning System?

Air Conditioning

If a homeowner is looking to upgrade their HVAC system, they may want to consider getting a ductless system. A ductless system is also called a mini-split. It works the same way that a regular air conditioning system works. It pulls warm air from inside the home, absorbs the moisture and heat from the air, and then puts that outside. The main difference is that the ductless air conditioner in St Louis blows the cold air into one room and has no ducts. A central air conditioning unit blows the cold air through a network of ducts throughout the entire home.

Ductless Air Conditioning Component

There are three main components of a ductless air conditioner St Louis.

• Evaporator/blower unit. This is the indoor unit and will sit on the wall of a room. They are about three feet long. This unit will suck heat and moisture from the room. It will then blow cold air back into the room.

• Conduit. The conduit connects the indoor unit to the outdoor unit. It is a long cable that will house the condensate drain, refrigerant tubing, and power cable. The conduit is also the pathway that the heat and moisture make their way through to go to the condenser.

• Condenser. The condenser is the outside unit, and it will receive the heat from your home, and dump it into the outdoors.

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