What Has E-Discovery Brought into 2017?


CDS Legal has long been lauding the benefits of e-discovery and technology and security are in the news on a nightly basis it seems. The year 2017 saw many advances in e-discovery and the revelations aren’t through yet. Below, you will find a recap of the trends that e-discovery has brought, and will still bring, in 2017.

Technology Impacted by Politics?

President Trump is no longer the president elect and though many aren’t happy with his reign, he has proven that he is considering all the former presidents polices. This means that changes are coming to ESI and e-discovery as well. If you aren’t quite sure what those changes have been, then you need to contact CDS Legal so that they can help you with these changes and how they will impact you.

Cybersecurity will Remain Important

With the advent of the internet came cybersecurity issues and those issues still remain in 2017. So of course, it is still an issue for any company that handles any type of ESI. Breaches are being monitored more carefully and active learning models are affected as well. Knowing what and what not to do when it comes to cybersecurity can be a challenge for most companies, that is why it’s better to have someone like CDS Legal handle these issues for you.

Are there Benefits to E-Discovery?

Many companies ask if there are benefits to e-discovery. There are quite a few. E-discovery helps IT by helping them review and collect huge amounts of data and ESI. It also helps by automating retention schedules. If you are considering e-discovery for your company, remember that there are things your company can’t and doesn’t know so getting help with your e-discovery is paramount to the success of your company and the security as well.

Why Should You?

At the beginning of any case, there is a ton of information to process and evaluate. The sheer volume of information makes it important to have e-discovery to help get everything in order and make sure the case is handled the right way.

These are just a few of the things that e-discovery has brought to the world in 2017 and a few of the benefits of having e-discovery for your company. Getting help from CDS Legal is entirely up to you, but the benefits are there to be seen. For more information, contact the professionals at CDS for help and answers to any questions you might have or concerns you need addressed. For more information, visit Complete Discovery Source.