What does a fire sprinkler system inspector do?

by | Aug 7, 2015 | Fire and Security

Fire sprinkler system inspection in NJ includes an evaluation of everything that goes into the system to ensure that the system and components are in good working order and the system meets the demands of the building code. Because unskilled people or those with limited knowledge of a fire sprinkler system can jeopardize the safety of people and property in the majority of jurisdictions the inspector must be licensed. An individual who is not competent with fire sprinkler systems can easily miss an important problem that will result in a malfunction in the event of a fire.

Many companies that provide fire sprinkler system inspection in NJ offer their customers a contract which includes scheduled inspections which are set by the buildings insurer or state agency. The company is often called out by local fire departments, building owners or others to inspect a system if there is some reason for concern.

Once on site the inspector uses a detailed check list which covers all aspects of the system. It may include the inspection of certain components of the system to make sure they are working as designed. The inspector will note any safety violation that might act as a detriment to the proper functioning of the system and bring these deficiencies to the attention of the building owner or manager. If the inspector finds the system is in a poor state of repair it may be in need of immediate repair or replacement.

As long as regular routine fire sprinkler system inspection in NJ is carried out the building in which it is installed will be less expensive to insure. Insurance companies know there is less risk to them if the building is protected against fire. The inspector is expected to provide documentation that proves inspections have been done to keep the discounted insurance premium. This information is often a requirement of government agencies as well.

With his intimate knowledge of sprinkler systems the inspector is also quite capable of assisting in the planning, design, installation and testing of new systems. Many companies have a tendency to have staff which is multi-talented as they can be called upon to perform other important tasks.

A fire sprinkler system inspector may have to attend continuing education sessions or attend classes for a certain number of hours annually to maintain his license. It may also be necessary to periodically re-take exams to retain their certification.

Fire sprinkler inspection in NJ is extremely important as you never know when fire might start in the building. You are invited to arrange the professionals at Newark Professional Fire Protection Corp to do a complete inspection of your system.

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