What does a building cleaner do?

by | Jul 16, 2014 | Business and Economy

A building cleaner, otherwise known as a commercial janitor is an individual who takes on the responsibility of cleaning and maintaining a commercial property, industrial property or a building complex. The building cleaner is in charge of the cleaning crew who are required to fulfill specific tasks based on their expertise or experience, all of which are designed to satisfy the demands of the client.

Those who undertake commercial property cleaning in Maryland are responsible for basic janitorial functions which include sweeping, vacuuming, emptying trash barrels, cleaning the rest rooms, mopping tile floors as well as dusting the surfaces, cleaning mirrors and periodically cleaning the windows. In many cases the contract includes both indoor and outdoor maintenance, if it is outdoor work it includes lawn maintenance, trimming the shrubs as well as keeping the area free from trash and debris.

The owner of the commercial building will normally enter into a contract with the building cleaner. As there are a great number of components in commercial property cleaning, the contract will be very specific. The contract will include a listing of the areas that are included as well as the frequency of service. Over and above the basics which are area and frequency there are other issues that enter into the contract, some of which concern the environmental impact that certain cleaning agents have. The owner may demand that environmentally friendly cleaning products be used and the contract may also specify certain considerations for cleaning delicate surfaces and materials. The contract often includes the periodic shampooing of carpets as well as stripping and re-waxing tile or wood floors. In certain cases commercial property cleaning in Maryland will include laboratories or clean rooms; there are specific guidelines to follow, some of which are government mandated.

Many large commercial cleaning companies also have a division that takes care of any routine maintenance that may need doing. It may be necessary to monitor the electrical system or the plumbing, making any minor repairs that become necessary. In many cases the company is responsible for managing the heating and cooling levels so that the interior temperatures are set to the levels prescribed by the owner.

One of the prerequisites of a good commercial cleaning company is communication. As the cleaners are in the building frequently, they are often the first to notice something that is outside of their scope but does need urgent attention. It is their responsibility to communicate this observation to the building management.

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