What Do Confined Space Rescue Teams Do?

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There are regular emergency services, such as 911, and then there are confined space rescue teams. They both have the common goal of saving people, but their methods diverge from there. Where a 911 team would rush into a building and cart out the victim in a stretcher, confined space teams have a much more difficult and dangerous job when it comes to saving people. Those teams often have to go into small enclosed spaces such as sewers, silos, or storage tanks and pull out the victim quickly and efficiently. Those areas aren’t dangerous just because of how small they are. They’re dangerous because of the various liquids or gases that are typically found in those areas that are hazardous to humans.

Why those rescue teams in general?

Rescuing someone isn’t as simple as just running in and carting out the victim in a few minutes. The various chemicals in the area can take down a human in a minute or two, and you also have to deal with little to no light in those places since they weren’t designed with humans in mind. If you just rush in, you’re also putting yourself at risk and you might end up becoming another victim to be rescued. The thing that most people forget is that humans are heavy, and the way inside is designed so to prevent people from wandering in. Entrances can be holes in the floor or the ceiling, which also makes it even harder to get in or out. The teams are trained to account for all these things and have specialized equipment for all kinds of situations

What Should You Do In General?

First off, if someone is in trouble in those areas, you want to act as quickly as possible since a minute could be all that stands between life and death. You want to be able to contact the rescue team as quickly as possible, so they can arrive as fast as they can. During this time, you should inform the team of what kind of area they’re going into and what kind of chemicals they’ll have to deal with. Afterwards, comply with anything they tell you to do and stay out of their way.

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