What Constitutes An Emergency Requiring Orangeville ON Plumbing Professionals?


Backed up drains and clogs happen every day. When plunging and drain cleaners don’t work, does this constitute a plumbing emergency? When people think of plumbing emergencies, they visualize water spraying everywhere. What constitutes a plumbing emergency requiring 24/7 emergency plumber Orangeville ON services?

Burst Pipes

You’re working the second shift when your daughter calls in a frenzy to tell you there’s no water. You get home only to find the back yard resembles a small pond. The water is pouring out of a pipe in the back yard. This is definitely an emergency for which a plumbing professional is needed. Preferably an hour ago.

Water Heaters

In your home, the water heater is in a room beside the basement living room. You walk into the living room one day to find your feet in a couple of inches of standing water. The carpet is soaked. The wall doesn’t look too good, either. You check the cupboard to find the water heater has sprung a leak. Time to call the pros.


You’ve noticed for a couple of days that when you run water in the kitchen sink, something gurgles in the bathroom. When you flush the toilet, all manner of nastiness backs up into the tub. You have a blockage. It needs to be cleared so no illness occurs in the aftermath of nastiness backing up in the tub.

Worn Pipes

This could fall under the umbrella of burst pipes, but worn pipes are another plumbing emergency requiring a 24/7 emergency plumber Orangeville ON professional. It’s this scenario that people think of when they visualize water spraying everywhere. An older pipe has become worn until its thinness can no longer support ordinary water pressure.

These emergencies are the basis of expensive home repairs. They should be dealt with immediately by Plumbs Up Plumbing & Drains. Contact them