What Causes Hemorrhoid Pain?


For millions of sufferers, hemorrhoid pain can be unbearable. It can be uncomfortable to sit, walk, work, and even sleep. While it’s happening, it can be incredibly difficult to live life normally. In order to understand what causes this discomfort and how to treat it– it’s helpful to understand how they form and what they are.

The Event

There is usually something that triggers the formation of hemorrhoids, which are often referred to as piles. Things like weight gain, pregnancy, exercise, age, and strain are usually harbingers. When the veins that lay in the anal area are stressed, they will sometimes respond by becoming swollen or distended. This can occur both internally and externally. When it happens internally, there tends to be fewer symptoms and less discomfort. Sometimes, a person may note blood or mucus in their stool. These can occasionally protrude, but can still be tucked back inside. When it happens externally, they can be quite painful and more prone to bleeding.

The Itch

The presence of piles can often be accompanied by an intense and persistent itch. The main culprit is inflammation. White blood cells and fluid are brought to the area as part of your body’s natural defense system as it responds to the problem. Those who have been through pregnancy or growth spurts in puberty may recall how their skin itched as it stretched. It’s the same with piles. All the excess matter causes the tissues around the vein to swell and the skin to tug, and this results in an itchy feeling. Additionally, these engorged tissues will rub against other healthy tissues, which causes further irritation. Because piles make hygiene more difficult, both manually and due to discomfort, fecal residue is sometimes left behind. These things combined can create rashes as well as infections, and result in unbearable itching.

The Burn

The stretching of skin typically causes the burning feeling. This is usually because the tissue around the anus is very thin and delicate. As piles form, tissues are stretched to the max and can rupture or tear. Anyone who has ever played a childhood game of “snake bite” in which the skin of an arm is twisted to the point of pain can probably recall a similar burning sensation as the skin was pulled.

The Pain

Itching and burning are some of the first symptoms that come before hemorrhoid pain occurs. When the affected area hurts, it becomes so swollen that the tissues might be near the point of tearing, and sometimes they will. Moreover, the entire anal region is rich in nerves. This is something that can magnify stimuli and cause something as simple as wiping to be excruciating. Piles can also develop blood clots, which exacerbate the problem and make the pain worse.

Thankfully, there are medications that target each one of the symptoms and medical procedures that can stop hemorrhoid pain in its tracks. Because the severity of the symptoms routinely interferes with quality of life, people who suffer from piles often prefer to receive medical treatment, rather than wait to see if and when they will fade away on their own. For more information, contact Chicago Hemorrhoid.