What Are The Steps For Mitigating Fire Damage In Colorado Springs?

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In Colorado, homeowners face unpredictable circumstances after a home fire. These events can cause devastating damage in a matter of minutes. If they aren’t extinguished quickly, the homeowner could face a total loss. The following are the steps for mitigating fire damage in Colorado Springs.

Identify All Areas Affected by the Fire and Complete Report

The service provider conducts a thorough inspection to identify all areas that were affected by the fire. This information is vital when they are preparing the fire report. They must provide details about these affected areas to define the total loss experienced by the homeowner. They must also take careful measures to determine if the structure is stable and repairs are possible. Once all areas are assessed, they file a fire report with the owner’s insurance carrier.

Secure Waste Management and Remove All Damaged Items

Next, the mitigation team secures adequate waste management for this project. This may require several dumpsters that are placed strategically around the property. Next, they start to remove all items from the property that were damaged. This includes all furnishings and personal items found inside the property.

Cleanup and Sanitation

The mitigation team conducts a thorough cleanup of the property. This includes removing all water and slug that flows throughout the property. They also use chemicals to remove all smoke, ash, and carbon monoxide residue from the interior of the property. All health risks that are found inside the property including mold and mildew are removed.

Restoring the Property After Fire Damage

The final step is to repair the structure. The mitigation team must follow the layout of the original floor plan when performing these services. They cannot make any changes to this design based on the terms of most homeowner’s insurance policies. These policies define all limitations imposed on these service providers.

In Colorado, homeowners face serious property damage after a fire occurs. These events are covered under homeowner’s insurance policies. These policies provide payment for mitigation services provided by restoration services. Homeowners who have experienced Fire Damage in Colorado Springs can visit Blacklabelrestoration.com to schedule an appointment for an inspection and estimate.