What are the Best Features for Storm Doors in Colorado Springs CO?

Home Improvement

Choosing the right Storm Doors in Colorado Springs CO is a little more involved than taking a cursory look at what is in stock and making a selection. The goal is to choose storm doors for the front and back doors that are attractive and provide the desired functions. Here are some examples of features to consider when looking for the ideal doors.

Including a Pet Door in the Design

Having a pet door as part of the overall storm door design is an essential for pet owners. Pets have a tendency to want to move freely from the home to the yard. Rather than making constant trips to open and close the door, opt for one of the Storm Doors in Colorado Springs CO that include easy access points for pets. Remember to ensure that the design also includes a lock for the pet door when no one is going to be home.

Retractable Glass Panels

Many Storm Doors in Colorado Springs CO include screens that make it ideal for opening the glass panels when the weather is nice. The screens still help to keep insects from finding their way into the home, even as the open space allows for plenty of fresh air to flow inside.

Make Those Panels Shatter Proof

Along with opting for retractable glass panels, make sure they are laminated to help reduce glare. That same feature will also help to make the glass shatter proof. Even if someone does attempt to gain entry by breaking the glass, the fact that the laminate holds the glass together will buy the homeowner more time to contact the authorities and delay the entry of the intruder, hopefully long enough for help to arrive.

Multiple Point Locking System

The pet door is not the only part that needs to be secured. Invest in storm doors that offer multiple locks. Many designs offer as many as three different locks that run from the top to the bottom. For people who feel that the need some extra security, this type of door design will offer a great deal of peace of mind. For homeowners who are thinking about adding storm doors to their homes, have a word with the professionals at Windsor Windows and Doors. They can assess the needs of the home and recommend features that the homeowner will find helpful. Visit: http://www.clearview-windows.com/services/ for more details.