Wharton Roll Off Dumpster Rental: Proper Dumpster Use

Waste Management

When most people are getting a dumpster rental, they mainly worry about the size and the frequency with which the waste removal services will be taking care of the wastes. However, it is unfortunate that a lot of people have not learned the proper use of dumpsters and end up creating great health hazards in their homes or construction sites. Here are some of the tips that can help you use roll off dumpster rental in Wharton.

How to dispose of waste in the dumpster

Most dumpsters are made of plastic, which means that they will not have a lot of leakages. However, you are not supposed to dump waste directly into the container. You should get garbage bags and put all your waste in them before putting them inside the dumpster. This goes a long way in protecting your surroundings from waste leakages and bad odours that result from uncovered wastes. There are also some substances that should never be dumped in a roll off container.

  • Any petroleum product that is flammable including gas and kerosene.
  • Any type of sewage or animal excrement
  • Any type of industrial wastes
  • Hazardous substances such as farm chemicals, fertilizers and pesticides.

Dumpster security

There are also certain things you are supposed to do to ensure that it is safe to have a dumpster on your premises. You should be extremely careful, especially when you have little kids and pets that can wander around the dumpster. If it is practical, you could have a fence around the dumpster. You should also make sure that the lids to the dumpster stay closed at all times and that any problems with parts of the dumpster are repaired in time.

Cleaning and replacement

You should never allow a dumpster to be cleaned on your premises. If you feel that the dumpster has gotten dirty, you should call the waste management company to take care of the cleaning or replacement. Also, ensure that the waste removal is done regularly to avoid waste spills. These are just some tips on how to use a dumpster after you do a Roll Off Dumpster Rental in Wharton.