Wedding Receptions in Sterling Heights, MI Aren’t Complete Without Food

by | Sep 16, 2014 | Weddings

Most people realize that wedding receptions have to include food, but they may not know all the different options available to them in Sterling Heights, MI and elsewhere. There are six main food options including breakfast or brunch, a luncheon, afternoon tea, dessert bar, dinner buffet and sit-down dinners. It is helpful to know a little about each version before choosing one to consider.


Most people either choose to have an early morning wedding with a reception to follow of brunch with delectable breakfast options or consider having a late-night wedding with reception to follow in the morning. If you would like to consider this option, you should know that it is usually a less expensive meal version than dinner and usually includes a smaller gathering.

Foods can include bagels, croissants, pancakes, fresh fruit, made-to-order omelets and crepes and orange juice or Mimosas for a beverage.


Receptions can include a lunch meal instead of breakfast or dinner if the bride and groom plan to marry in the early morning. Many people choose to get married earlier so that they can easily clean up after the wedding reception and still get to their honeymoon destination on time. Depending on the meal, it can be less expensive than a dinner.

Foods and drinks can include salads, pasta, cold chicken or salmon and lemonade.

Afternoon Tea

Receptions that fall between two and five o’clock are generally considered afternoon teas. A light meal is served consisting of wedding cake, finger sandwiches with no crusts, scones, fresh fruits and either a champagne punch or different tea varieties. This option works well for people on a budget who wants to be different and creative.


Many times, Sterling Heights, MI weddings are in the evening and receptions would take too long with a meal. Most guests want to eat earlier than nine or ten in the evening, so a dessert-only reception works well. Consider wedding cake, chocolate fountains with delicious dippings, candy, rich desserts, espresso and champagne.

Buffet Dinner

Most people believe a buffet is cheaper than sit-down dinners, but this isn’t always the case. However, everyone is likely to find something they want to eat. Consider vegetarian and meat dishes, sides, salads and more. However, people must wait in line and may go back for seconds or thirds, so this could take a longer time to complete the meal.

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