Ways an Attorney in Rockwall TX Can Help With Your Criminal Case


After an arrest, you will likely be given a bail amount to be paid. Once this is paid, either by you or through a bail bond, you will be released from jail. If this is where you’re at now, use the time you’re out of jail to hire an Attorney in Rockwall TX. This is very important for your case, as it can mean the difference between a not-guilty verdict and a lengthy jail term. No matter what criminal charge you’ve been charged with, a lawyer can help with your case. Some of the ways they can help you include:

  • Dropped Charges – In some cases, the lawyer may be able to have evidence against you suppressed because it was illegally obtained. In these cases, the prosecution may be left with too little evidence to charge you, and your case may be dropped.
  • Lowered Charges – Even if the prosecution still has enough evidence to charge you, they may be willing to agree to a lower charge as it may make it easier for them to get a conviction. You, however, will receive a much lower sentence if you are convicted, so this could be very beneficial.
  • Not-Guilty Verdict – Your lawyer will be able to formulate a defense strategy for you, and they may be able to help you receive a not guilty plea. They need to show that there is a reasonable doubt that you are guilty, which could be easier than you may think.
  • Minimal Sentences – Even if you are convicted, your attorney can still help you get a better outcome for your case. They may be able to get you the minimum sentence for the charges against you. In cases where drugs or alcohol were involved, they may be able to get you treatment instead of jail time.

If you’ve been arrested, hire an Attorney in Rockwall TX as soon as possible. The faster you hire an Attorney, the more of a chance they have of being able to go through the evidence against you and to formulate a defense. Even if it seems like your case is hopeless and the prosecution has enough evidence to prove you are guilty, you may be surprised at how much a lawyer can help you. For more information, contact Law Office of Tim Hartley.