Ways a Graduate Level Degree Can Benefit Your Career in Art Administration


Completing the coursework for your art degree is an excellent chance to improve and grow the studio skills you need to succeed as a professional artist. Rather than studying on your own, you can develop your technique with the right tools and work alongside similar-minded peers. This can have tremendous benefits for your art administration career, especially if you obtain a graduate level degree. Here are the reasons why.

Staying Current

If a couple of years have passed since you obtained your undergraduate degree, your techniques and understanding have gotten replaced with newer concepts. Even if you graduated recently, there may still be methods and procedures that you should spend more time perfecting to be efficient when using them at work. By obtaining your masters in Arts Administration, you can hone your skills, learn about advancements in your field, and network with successful people within your specialty. These will allow you to become a more competitive and valuable employee for any employer.

Be Prepared

Many studies show that students that specialize in the arts, fine and performance, eventually move into an administration or management role. Although you may spend time promoting your own gifts, you will eventually move on to support and encourage others in their career. Knowing this, you should not wait until that moment to get the advanced degree necessary for a higher job position. You can prepare to move ahead by earning your masters in Arts Administration now.

Taking the initial steps toward your masters in Arts Administration degree is easier than you think. Learn more by reaching out to the School of the Art Institute of Chicago at www.saic.edu.