Ways a Cosmetic Dentist in Augusta GA Can Help Patients Get a Smile they can be Proud to Share


Anyone who is unhappy with the way their teeth look should consider seeing a Cosmetic Dentist in Augusta GA to determine what types of treatments the dentist can suggest, to help in making their smile more beautiful. While this may seem like a minor issue for a person to deal with, often when a person feels their appearance is not appealing, they will begin to have diminished self-esteem and lack confidence. This can affect their work, personal and social life. Fixing the problem can often be a great benefit for such a person.

One of the most common problems many people face can be issues with the shape or alignment of their teeth. Sometimes these issues are not things braces or other types of treatments can correct. Many times, if the teeth are healthy, using dental veneers can be a good option to consider.

Dental veneers are porcelain shells, which are created to go over a person’s natural teeth. These veneers are created using translucent porcelain in a color to match the patient’s tooth coloring. This creates a natural looking appliance. A veneer is designed to cover teeth, which may be too small and cause gaps in the patient’s smile. They can also be used in covering stained or discolored teeth when bleaching will not achieve the desired effect. Sometimes veneers can also be successful in correcting minor alignment issues as well.

These types of devices generally involve several visits to a cosmetic dentist in Augusta GA, but they do not require as much time as other types of treatments. A dentist will generally meet to examine the teeth to determine if the treatment will be helpful with the patient’s issues. The next visit generally entails the dentist removing a small amount of enamel from the teeth that will have veneers placed on them. This helps to ensure the veneers align properly with the gums and other teeth. Impressions are taken of the patient’s mouth during this visit as well.

After the impressions are made, they often are sent to a lab where the veneers will be created. This step can take a few weeks depending on the lab and their workload so temporaries will be placed on the teeth. Once the new veneers are finished, the patient will return to the office, like Shores Dental Center & Spa to have the veneers fitted and permanently affixed to their teeth. With this complete the patient should have a smile they will be proud to show off. For more information visit https://shoresdentalcenteraugusta.com/