Wasp and Bee Removal in Tempe

Pest Control

Bee Removal in Tempe requires safe and efficient methods to prevent stings, especially if you or someone in your family is allergic to bee stings. Bees will not usually bother you unless they are startled and need to defend themselves. The biggest issue is that a slight noise or even light vibration will disturb them so they are likely to sting you even if you aren’t actively bothering them. Wasps are a bit more dangerous because they can sting you multiple times, which can be painful and harmful even if you are not allergic to stings. If you see a nest or hive or suspect you have one in your home or business location, it is best not to approach it and call for professional removal.

Wasps and bees find out of the way places to live such as under porch eaves, under decks and in your walls if they can find a way into your building. Most of the time you don’t even realize they are there until you disturb them. Bee Removal in Tempe can be done quickly and safely using a variety if methods that will bring no harm to you, your family, your customers or any pets. Some hives can be transferred from your location into top bar boxes and relocated. Bees can be neutralized and stunned while removal is taking place to avoid swarming and stinging bees around the area. All methods of removal are entertained to suit your needs and the particular situation. Thermal imaging can also be used to find bee hives and wasp nests in your walls.

It is important to keep in mind that, along with the bees, the hives and honeycombs also need to be removed from you location. This is essential for many reasons. First, other bees will be attracted to the hive and seek to move in perpetuating the problem. The honeycombs can attract other pests to your home such as termites and rodents, giving you a whole new issue. If the hives and honeycombs melt in your walls, you can be left with permanent stains and a mess that can damage your dry wall. Find a company that can handle the entire situation.