Washing Machine Repairs in Lincoln, NE, for Balance Problems

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A top-loading washing machine may need to be serviced or even replaced if it goes off balance routinely or so severely that a part breaks. If you cannot seem to stop the machine from going off balance during the spin cycle, you may want to schedule washing machine repairs in Lincoln NE. Sometimes the issue is with the equipment and sometimes with the way the household uses it.

Machine Is Not Level

A common problem is that the machine is not level, which results in laundry inside the tub drifting to one side. The washing machine may always vibrate even if the laundry is balanced throughout the tub. The problem tends to get worse and the machine may even start to rock and move across the floor. Washing machine repairs in Lincoln, NE, may become necessary.

Small Loads

Small loads are especially susceptible to having nearly everything swish over to one side during the wash and rinse cycle. That leaves the tub very unbalanced to the point where a clanking and banging noise can be heard. It’s best to wait until a load that fills at least half of the tub is ready or to wash some fabric by hand.

Heavy Items

Heavy items like quilts, comforters, down coats and sleeping bags should be taken to a coin-operated laundry facility instead of washing them at home. There, the heavy-duty secured front-loading washing machines are built to handle these materials.

If your washing machine needs service, contact All Appliance Service after reading about the company.

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