Would You Want Boring Wedding Photography In Washington DC?


Actually, no one, anywhere, is going to want boring photographs of their wedding; this holds true no matter what cultural, ethnic or religious traditions and customs govern the proceedings. Everyone desires to capture as much of their wedding as possible on film, or video, or both; so as to have the record to keep the memories alive and fresh. Unfortunately, too many happy couples end up with photographs that may capture an actual moment, but do so in a somewhat flat or even boring manner. This is usually caused by bad photography; with today’s digital, automatic cameras, there should be no excuse for photos that “did not come out”.

A few basic precautions; like making sure you have spare batteries and plenty of space on the memory card; should ensure that, no matter whose hands are on the camera; a viewable picture should result. Even the least experienced camera user will know not to point the camera directly into the sun; but, what else do they know? Do they know how to position the subject within the shot; do they know how to make the best use of whatever flash lighting they have (do they need a backup, additional flash); do they know how to make people comfortable in front of the camera? These are the sort of questions that need to be addressed by whoever it may be that you ask to take the main pictures at your wedding – the pictures that will make up the vital wedding album.

Don’t Take Chances; Have Good Pictures Taken

Using a professional for your Wedding Photography In Washington DC should make sure that all the technicalities are taken care of; but, there is a far more important reason. No matter how good a photographer, a close friend or family member may be; it is not a good idea to have a wedding guest in charge of the “official” photographs. Good Wedding Photography In Washington DC requires the photographer to be totally concentrating on his photography and, for this reason alone, the photographer cannot be a guest enjoying the party in between taking the photographs. In fact, at times, the official photographer has to take on some of the organizational duties; especially when it comes to organizing the set piece group shots.

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