Walk-In Tubs – Providing Autonomy, Ease of Use and Safety

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If you are elderly or have a family member with a disability, you might suggest he or she consider getting or change their current bathtub into a walk in tub. Walk in tubs in NYC and across the United States are becoming popular. They are no longer found only in institutions. This is because not only can you alter your current tub into a walk in, but you can do so economically. Yet, obviously, this is not the only benefit that an individual can derive from replacing their current bathtub with a walk in model.

Benefits of a Walk In Bath Tub

Walk in tubs are truly beneficial to those who decide to opt for them. This is particularly true for those who find themselves permanently or temporarily with a disability or illness that may affect their ability to get in and out of a bathtub without help from a friend, family member or personal support worker (PSW). The elderly are often faced with the same problems.

Installing a walk-in tub can help remove these obstacles. Walk-in tubs, with variations resulting from makes:

1. Allow individuals to enter a tub safely since they do not have to step over it

2. Some models are accessible for wheelchairs. All are easy to use and do not require significant strength to operate ( the only exception may be larger, outward swinging door models)

3. In many you have an option between taking a shower or a bath

4. With installed safety bars and seats, they increase the safety factor and reduce chances of slipping and falling

5. If jets or other devices are added, it increases the comfort level and can actually ease some age, injury or other types of pain and discomfort by increasing the circulation and revitalizing the joints and muscles

What is of greater significance is that by installing a walk-in tub, you are giving the individual a chance to regain or maintain their autonomy. They are able to be independent. Not having to rely on someone to help them in and out of a bathtub or shower also lets them keep some dignity.

If you have mobility issues or suffer from pain, discomfort and certain disabilities, consider the benefits of walk in tubs. NYC expert installers praise correctly the ability of these bathtubs to reduce safety risks. They also recognize walk-in tubs as helping the elderly and the disabled to live independently perhaps longer than they could without one. This benefits the affected individual, you, your family and even society as a whole.

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