Visiting Friends or Family in the Hospital

Food and Drink

Sometimes people get sick or injured, it happens to everyone. If someone you love winds up having to stay in the hospital, they could probably use a bit of cheering up. Many people are apprehensive about visiting hospitals. The atmosphere in a hospital can make a lot of people uneasy. With the right planning and knowledge, there is nothing to be worried about when visiting someone in the hospital. The main goal is to cheer the patient up, and try to influence their recovery in a positive way.

Try to Make Arrangements

It is best not to show up unannounced to visit a patient, if you can avoid it. If you can speak to them ahead of time over the phone, ask them if they are feeling up to having a visitor. Quite often a patient would enjoy having a visitor, but sometimes they might not be feeling well enough.

Wash Your Hands A Lot

You should wash or sanitize your hands frequently when visiting a hospital. The hospital will have a sanitizer station right near the main entrance. There will also be a sanitizer station right in the doorway of the patient’s room. The best way to avoid picking up or passing along any germs is to use those stations each time you pass them. Sanitize on the way in, and on the way out.

Bring Gifts

Balloons and flowers are a common gift to bring to a patient. As long as the person is not allergic, balloons or flowers can be a good gift to bring. Get well soon chocolates, or a card are another good gift to bring to a patient. If they are allowed, some things a patient might really enjoy would be comfy pajamas, a book to read, crossword puzzles, or a pair of slippers.

Try to Keep it Short

The fact that you are visiting is what is important to the patient. The length of time that you stay is not as important. In fact, staying for too long could be a bad thing. The patient is probably getting tired pretty frequently. The best thing is not to tire them out by staying too long. A good rule of thumb for the duration of a visit would be about half an hour.

Step Out if the Doctor or Nurse Comes In

If a doctor or nurse comes to check on the patient, the best thing for you to do is step out or head home for the day. Anything the doctor needs to do or talk about is private.