VenoLase In West Nyack For Laser Hair Removal and Skin Rejuvenation


When you think of lasers being used on people you probably envision some sort of weird science experiment, however, lasers are being used now more than every. Nowadays, lasers are used for everything from hair removal to skin rejuvenation. Let’s take a look at how lasers can be used for these two purposes.

VenoLase In West Nyack is great for removing unwanted hair. Millions of people have unwanted hair growing in places they just don’t want it to grow, and others have problems with too much hair in general. Most of this hair can be shaved using a razor, but unless you shave everyday, the hair will grow back in a matter of days or weeks. With laser hair removal, you can remove hair from your body and have it stay gone for months at a time.

How is this done? Doctors will use low powered lasers to remove the hair. The hair follicles in your skin will work to absorb the light from the laser. The lasers work with precision and will aim for the roots of the hair, which is why the effects of the treatment last for so long. Most people will need at least three treatments, with each treatment lasting several hours.

The doctors of VenoLase In West Nyack can also help with skin rejuvenation. These treatments are for those who suffer from skin that’s aged, wrinkled, or suffering from acne. In this case, the lasers can be used to remove the top layer of skin to give you a healthier look. Doctors will carefully use pulses of low energy lasers to remove your layers of skin. When these layers are removed, new skin cells will begin to form as your skin begins to heal. These new cells will allow your skin to feel softer, look tighter, and ultimately appear younger. People have shaved years off of the look of their skin with just one treatment.

Of course all of these treatments are only temporary. The hair that was removed will eventually grow back, and the new skin will begin to appear rougher overtime. However, these treatments are very effective – lasting for several months – and can be very affordable as well. Consultation is available for VenoLase In West Nyack if you’re ready for a new look.