Vagina Tightening Treatment in Toronto


Your vagina is a muscle and just like other muscles it can get out of shape but there is a vagina tightening treatment in Toronto area that can restore the elasticity in your vagina. First you should know that you are not alone, there are literally millions of women that are suffering from vaginal laxity (loosening of the vagina). Doctors report that 88% of women suffer with vaginal laxity after a vaginal birth.

Stretched and Weakened Tissue

Child birth is not the only way vaginal tissue can be stretched and weakened. It is a part of the normal aging process as well. Menopausal women often report vaginal laxity because of the reduction in collagen and hormones that naturally occur during menopause. The main thing to remember is getting help should be a priority.

The Treatments

Dr. Fay Weisberg is a GYN in Toronto that offers two treatment options to help rejuvenate the vagina and help to restore its elasticity:

  • The Mona Lisa Laser Treatment
  • The Geneveve

Both of the above treatment options are performed in office without the need for anesthetic. They are both quick treatment options that offer amazing results. Dr. Weisberg can discuss the pros and cons of both treatment options and help you to decide which option is going to give you the relief that you want. There is no reason to deal with laxity when you do not have to. These painless treatment options can turn back the hands of time for your vagina!

It’s Time to Talk About It

You do not have to suffer alone. The time to get help is now. Dr. Weisberg and her entire staff is dedicated not only to women’s health but to ensuring their quality of life. These treatment options can help to restore your quality of life.