Using the T790 Series Printer for High-Quality Graphics

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Having the ability to create graphics for your company or to start up your own graphic printing business requires a sophisticated printer like the T790 Designjet printer series by HP. This printer allows you to create vector graphics using simple mathematical elements, such as lines, points, curves and shapes. Using these types of graphics allows you to create an image of any size and resize it without warping or distortion.

The T790 series offers users the capability of printing images onto sheets of paper from the paper roll found in most printer stores. The printer accepts rolls of paper up to 44 inches wide for larger graphics. It also only uses as much paper as it needs for each image and then cuts the paper immediately after the image to reduce paper waste.

Resolution is an important aspect of printing images, especially when you design company logos and other business images. The T790 series features 2400 by 1200 dots per inch resolution, which is the maximum for this type of printer. If necessary, you can also use 1200 by 1200 dots per inch resolution. However, the higher resolution provides a clearer image.

The speed of the T790 series makes it a good choice if you need a higher output of images for your business. A line-based graphic can print at a rate of 28 seconds per page, or 103 pages per hour. If you add color to your graphics, you can print at rates up to 549 square feet per hour, or 33.3 square feet per hour if you want a better quality image.

The T790 series uses six different ink cartridges instead of the traditional four that printers typically have. These additional cartridges help provide you with the best images possible. The printer requires refills for all of the cartridges as necessary, including cyan, yellow, magenta, photo black, matte black and gray. The speed with which you use the ink depends on the number and types of projects you print.

Ease of use is another benefit of the T790 series. You can transfer your image files onto the printer by connecting it directly to your computer or by plugging in a USB thumb drive. You can also store images on the printer for future use if you need to print one multiple times. The printer has its own hard drive storage of 160 gigabytes, and it is capable of handling an image file of up to 8 gigabytes.

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