Using An Epoxy Repair Kit

Electronics and Electrical

A Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Epoxy Repair Kit can be used to repair damaged solder mask, PCB laminate material which has been damaged, as well as repair lifted pads and traces.

An Epoxy Repair Kit is viewed as one of the must have tools needed for PCB repair as the use of epoxy is very multi-faceted. One of the uses of this kit is to repair mask damage on a PCB. By using the epoxy kit along with your existing knowledge or skills or using the skills of a professional PCB repair technician, you can fix the mask damage on your PCB very effectively. Mask damage can occur if you improperly handle your circuit board and this repair kit will go a long way in helping you repair this problem.

This kit can also be used for laminate repairs on your PCB. An Epoxy Repair Kit has the materials needed in order to facilitate the repairs needed when a board has been dropped therefore chipping off a part of it or a corner is missing due to some damage. The epoxy in the repair kit can also be used to adhere replacement pads and traces to your PCB therefore repairing the Printed Circuit Board for missing pads and traces.

There are various tools that can be found in an Epoxy Repair Kit. Resin/Hardener can always be found in an epoxy kit and is usually in 2 gm packs. You can also find dental picks which are usually stainless steel for precision as well as volumetric transfer of the adhesive used. Orange wood sticks are also a staple of an epoxy kit and they assist in forming and bending traces for easy placement. Epoxy kits can also have popsicle sticks, a swaging tool base as well as a swaging tool fixture, a large knife with assorted blades, a small knife with assorted blades, a one inch C-clamp, eyelets, an SMT pad circuit frame, an edge connector circuit frame, a trace circuit frame as well as a through hole circuit frame.

Epoxy Repair Kits are designed by PCB artisans who repair circuit boards for a living, so when purchasing this kit you can be sure that it will contain all the tools you need for the repair of your Printed Circuit Board.