Using A Industrial Concrete Company To Repair Steps

Construction and Maintenance

If someone has concrete steps leading to their business building, and one appears to be damaged, work will need to be done right away to repair it. Leaving a damaged concrete step in the staircase can cause someone to become injured, and it will make the area look less than pleasing. Most business owners will call an Industrial Concrete Company to make alterations to their concrete steps so they can be utilized promptly.

First, the company would do an assessment of the staircase to make sure there are no other areas in need of repair. They would use a concrete cutting saw to remove any crumbled portions of the old concrete away from the stairs. This will allow the new concrete to adhere much better and will ensure the damage does not return due to inadequate solidification due to crumbled pieces being present.

The concrete company would place a solid structure up against the existing step so they can use it as a mold to contain the concrete to form a new step. They would have a cement mixing truck available so they can obtain fresh concrete to use to fill in the damaged step. Once the concrete is in place, it will need to remain in place without anyone using the step, so it does not become altered in appearance. People may need to use an alternate way into the building at this time. Another idea is to do the work during hours when no one is present.

When the concrete hardens, the mold will be removed, and the step will need to continue to cure for a day or two. The step should not be used at this time. When the curing time has ended, the staircase can once again be utilized, and the steps will look as good as new.

If someone wishes to use an Industrial Concrete Company to do their step repair, they can contact a company in their area to come to the rescue. Calling Colt Concrete & Asphalt is an option available to businesses in need of quick, efficient work. An appointment can be made to have an assessment of the staircase done right away. You can also connect them on Facebook for more updates.

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