Uses of a Flatbed Tow Truck

Transportation and Logistics

A Flatbed Tow Truck can be used for towing vehicles that have broken down on the road or for hauling machinery to and from construction sites. It comes in handy for exotic vehicles with low undercarriage clearance and for modifies vehicles that may have a low back bumper. Damage free wheel lift makes a flatbed preferable to a regular tow truck. A flatbed truck has a large load capacity that enables it to move heavy trucks and large trailers safely with ease. Professional drivers will load and secure your vehicle properly for worry free towing.

In addition to towing, a Flatbed Tow Trucks useful in vehicle recovery. No one chooses where their vehicle will end up after an accident or skidding on icy roads. Steep ditches or cliffs may be too difficult a job for a regular wrecker tow truck. Flat beds offer a stronger, steadier base from which to haul up small or large vehicles, tractor trailers or machinery. 24 hour emergency roadside assistance in inclement weather is accomplished easier and more safely with a flatbed tow truck.

Any wrecker service provider that uses flatbed trucks has professional drivers to operate them. Maintaining those trucks is important to make sure they are in the best condition possible and ready for use at any time. Having a flatbed truck or a fleet of them is not beneficial if they are not cared for properly. Ask about their drivers and maintenance practices for flatbeds when searching for a company to use for residential or commercial services.

Many companies also offer traditional roadside assistance in addition to towing. You may not need to be towed if the problem can be fixed roadside. A dead battery, for example could be replaced on the side of the road and have you on the way to your destination quickly. Running out of gas is embarrassing for sure, but it happens and it does not require towing. It requires assistance from your wrecker company. Companies, such as Business Name, can provide for all your towing needs and all your emergency assistance as well.