Useful Information about Carpeting


Carpeting is a useful type of flooring that adds warmth and can help minimize noise. There are many different types of carpet. Skokie, Illinois retailers sell a large variety of carpets because preferences vary from one person to the next. When you go shopping for carpeting it might be helpful to become familiar with some of the terms used to describe the various types of carpeting that you’ll have to select from. Explore your carpeting options in Skokie, Illinois.

Fibers Used to Make Carpets

Most carpets are made from wool or some type of synthetic material, such as, olefin, nylon, polyester or acrylic. Every type of fiber is different and unique.


Nylon is the most popular carpet fiber. It is strong and is commonly used in heavy traffic areas. The strength of this fiber makes it very durable and easy to maintain. People who are prone to allergies like nylon carpeting because it is non-allergenic.

  • Wool

This fiber is extremely resilient and durable. Since it is tightly packed, it can resist dirt and soil. It is generally more expensive then other synthetic carpets.

  • Polyester

Polyester carpeting is offered in a large selection of colors and textures. It cleans easily and is moth and mildew resistant.

  • Olefin

You may also hear this same material referred to as Polypropylene. This type of carpeting was intended for outdoor use because of its resistance to being wet. However, because of its level of durability, it is now being used indoors.

Carpet Padding

Carpet padding goes underneath the carpet. It is as equally important as the carpeting. The padding offers cushion under your feet, helps preserve the life of the carpet and insulates the space from both noise and weather. Whenever testing carpet, Skokie, Illinois retailers may not tell you that it is best to test it out with padding under it. Therefore, ask that this option be provided. Carpet manufacturers will also suggest the best padding for a certain type of carpet. This is very helpful when trying to decide which type of padding to purchase.

Caring for Carpet

To maintain your carpet for years, vacuum it on a regular basis. This helps to prevent soil from setting into your carpet fibers. Using a vacuum with a rotating brush will aid in picking up more of the dirt and soil in the carpet. A professional cleaning is encouraged, annually.

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