Used Auto Parts 101: Tips on Entering the Yard and Getting What You Want


When you enter an auto yard it’s easy to be overwhelmed and it’s easy to feel discouraged with your desire to be the crafty handyman – but fear not! Following these simple tips will not only help ease the process and intimidation felt from entering the car yard but you’ll feel confident with your purchase.

Scout and Research

Car dealerships are just as popular as the Starbucks on every corner; therefore, it is important to do your research and read the reviews. Check out their online presence – form social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) to their website. Taking this extra step will help you not only see which have good reviews but also which locations have an assortment in in their inventory. A proper auto yard will not only have used parts but new ones as well! A good and reputable use auto parts (especially in the Chicago area) will be well equipped.

List List List

Just as it can be overwhelming doing groceries without a list, so can walking into an auto yard. Making a list of the parts you want and need, along with prices will help you when you go to make your purchase. A list will not only help you stay on track but with parts often being car-specific, it’s important to ensure you not only have the right parts but it compliments what you want and need.

Don’t be Scared of the Word “Used”

When it comes to buying used auto parts in Chicago, it’s easy to dismiss the fact that they don’t come brand in a sealed box but don’t let that scare you! Sometimes these cars find themselves in junk yards simply because their owners want something newer and sleeker. A car is an investment – just like your home. Make a good investment into your future contact to know more information.