Use Tree Pruning in Boston to Keep Your Trees Healthy and Safe


Overgrown trees can be hazardous for a few different reasons. Branches that grow too heavy can break off, and branches that die or get infested can hurt the tree as a whole. If you are unfamiliar with trees, it can be difficult to know when it’s time to trim them, but by using a tree pruning service, you’ll get the expert advice and services that you need.

Pruning our trees is often a great idea when you want to keep them healthy, but when you are concerned about a tree, your local tree experts will be able to tell you what your best course of action is.

Pruning Trees Is Selective

Tree pruning in Boston is a selective process, meaning your tree experts carefully pick and choose which branches to remove based on the end goal. You might simply be trying to remove dead branches, or you may need a complete crown reduction. Prior to pruning, your tree experts may survey the property to determine the most appropriate trimming service for the tree in question.

The reason you call a professional for this is that cutting the wrong branches can ultimately kill your tree or create large wounds. A skilled arborist will know what to cut and will have the tools to cut it safely.

Types of Pruning

The services you get depend on the needs of the tree or your property as a whole. The different types of tree pruning include:

  • Fine Pruning: The removal of small limbs to improve appearance
  • Standard Pruning: Heavier cutting geared to enhancing the structure of the tree
  • Hazard Trimming: The removal of dead, diseased, and otherwise hazardous branches
  • Crowd Reduction: Removal of major branches

If you need to get more information, you can get in touch with your local landscapers and tree experts. They should be able to visit your property to get a good look at the trees that are posing a threat, and they can tell you what you need to do from there.