Unexpected Items to Investigate and Think About During a Test Drive


One of the most common components of the car purchase process is the test drive. At used cars dealership in Schaumburg, you can ensure you get the most out of your test drive with these tips of things to consider while you’re taking your test drive that go beyond a simple spin around the neighborhood.

Test the Technology
Most vehicles today are equipped with an array of technology and connectivity options. Your test drive affords you a great opportunity to test the tech in the vehicle you’re interested in to ensure it’s easy to use. Bring your phone along to try pairing it with the infotainment system and make sure you can easily perform necessary functions while driving.

Push All the Buttons
Some people have a fear of being viewed as immature by a sales associate who is riding along with them if they push all the buttons the vehicle has to offer. Don’t think twice about completing this important step, however. It’s easy to remember to check the HVAC system, but what about the rear windshield wipers on hatchbacks, SUVs, and minivans? How about the low- and high-beam headlights, even when it’s daylight? By pushing every single button on the dash, you will ensure there are no surprises later on.

Down Under
It’s easy to check for rust on the vehicle’s doors, fenders, and bumpers. However, it’s just as important to check for rust underneath a potential vehicle at used cars dealership in Schaumburg. If you’re able, lay on your back and use a flashlight to investigate the vehicle’s undercarriage.

If you can’t do that, at least hold your phone underneath the vehicle and snap away, carefully looking through each picture to ensure you don’t miss any potential issues. Ultimately, you want to ensure that the rust isn’t excessive given the vehicle’s age and location as excessive rust may be indicative of prior damage.