Unexpected Death in a Rehabilitation Center? Contact a Wrongful Death Lawyer in Kent


When someone dies because a person or company was negligent, their family or estate can sue under the wrongful death statutes for damages. This is an important legal tool that allows a family to recover the lost earning potential of the family breadwinner. It can help a mother raise her children without worrying about paying the rent or sending them to college. While it can’t help heal the sadness caused by losing a loved one, it can help mitigate the financial crises it can cause. It can also force an institution or business to improve their safety procedures.

If a husband and father has to have a knee replaced, he may have to go to a rehabilitation center for a few days after the operation for intensive physical therapy. It also allows him to receive medical oversight from the nurses who work there. This can be helpful if he has a complicated medical history that requires him to be on several different medications. Usually stays in rehabilitation centers are uneventful and they provide a good foundation for returning home. Therefore it’s a shock when the wife gets a phone call in the middle of the night to say that her husband is back in the hospital. No one can tell her exactly what happened, but by the time she reaches the hospital her husband is already dead. She has the foresight to demand an autopsy and then she calls a Wrongful Death Lawyer in Kent. While this may seem mercenary to some, it is a very wise move. It ensures that all of the evidence is preserved. The lawyer immediately demands his treatments records and begins to scour them for problems.

Family members that are traumatized can have a hard time making sound decisions. A lawyer ensures that they won’t sign their rights way when an insurance adjuster calls and offers a monetary settlement. Insurance companies are known to offer very low settlements. In order to get even this sum, the family of the deceased has to agree never to ask for more. Once their lawyer has amassed the facts and proven the patient was given the wrong medication, there is a good chance the settlement offer will dramatically increase.