Understanding Why a Cluttered Home is So Toxic


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably noticed that we’re in the middle of a bit of a decluttering revolution. Television stations and streaming services are full of wildly popular shows about decluttering homes. Bookstores can’t keep books about how to declutter and get organized on the shelves.

Many people erroneously believe that decluttering a home is just about making the space more aesthetically appealing. While it’s true that a clean home is an attractive home, there’s more to decluttering than just making your house look pretty. Here’s why a cluttered home is actually toxic to your psychological and emotional health.

The Home As a Reflection of The Mind

Any professional home organizer in Long Beach, CA, will tell you that a cluttered home is often the reflection of a cluttered mind and life. People who are dealing with extreme emotional trauma often neglect to care for their personal space. By getting organized and decluttering your space, you might not automatically feel content and healed emotionally, but you’ll definitely experience a major boost in your mood.

Clutter Makes Us Unhappy

We all feel a sense of unhappiness when we’re stressed or overwhelmed by tasks and obligations. Clutter is essentially the physical version of this. When we’re surrounded by disorder, we can’t help but to feel unhappy, overwhelmed and stressed.

Remember, when you hire a professional home organizer in Long Beach. CA, you’re not just taking action towards creating a prettier living space. Instead, you’re taking action towards improving your own happiness and mental wellbeing.