Understanding the Role of a Visitation Attorney in Athens, TN


It is not uncommon for disputes to arise between divorced parents or unmarried parents who do not live together regarding child custody and visitation. Some divorcing couples can come up with child custody and visitation plans on their own if they have maintained amicable relationships, but this can be difficult given how emotionally charged divorce can be. Read on to find out about the role of a Visitation Attorney in Athens TN in establishing visitation rights and ensuring they are being respected.

Right to Visitation

Most of the time, when one parent is awarded custody of a child the other is awarded visitation rights. This is to ensure the child is able to maintain relationships with both parents, and these rights are only withheld under extreme circumstances where the child’s health or safety may be placed in jeopardy by regular visitations.

In some cases, such as those when threats have been made to remove the child from home or there is a history of child neglect, non-custodial parents must be supervised during their visitation periods. But, they are still entitled to these visits. A Visitation Attorney in Athens TN can represent his or her clients during negotiations and ensure their parental rights are being respected.

Child Visitation Interference

When divorced or unmarried parents are not able to maintain amicable relationships, it can wind up leading to child visitation interference. When this happens, the non-custodial parent may be able to have the visitation arrangements modified with the help of an attorney. Modifications may include make-up visits, an increase in the frequency of visits, or a change in where these visits take place. In extreme circumstances, it could even involve changing custody to the other parent.

Child Support and Visitation Rights

It’s important to note that, while providing child support is extremely important, it is a completely separate issue from visitation and support cannot be withheld due to visitation interference. Those who have questions about their rights and obligations can contact Chancey-Kanavos to schedule a consultation. Readers can also find out more about this law firm online at the website to get started.