Understanding the Importance of Stainless Steel Recycling in Baltimore


Stainless steel is a type of steel that is made with nickel and chromium so the steel is less likely to experience corrosion which can lead to its destruction. Just like many other types of metals, stainless steel is able to be fully recycled and it is important these metals do not end up in landfills where they are wasted. With stainless steel recycling in Baltimore, these metals can be properly treated and reused, protecting the environment.

Stainless Steel Production Is Increasing

In the last decade, stainless steel production has dramatically increased, leading to a great need for Stainless Steel Recycling in Baltimore. If these metals are not properly recycled, the supply of this type of steel could dramatically decrease due to a lack of materials.

Each year, more than 25 million tons of stainless steel is produced. With recycling, precious resources can be protected, along with the environment. Business owners and individuals are urged to seek the professionals so their stainless steel can be properly sorted and recycled so it can be used again and again.

The challenge of stainless steel recycling is making sure the steel metals are properly sorted. Some types of steel are not magnetic so proper sorting is vital and must be carried out by someone who has extensive knowledge on spectrometry and other technologies that are used in testing metals so they can be properly sorted according to their type. If the metals are not properly sorted, an entire load of metals can be corrupted and made useless.

What Is Recycled Stainless Steel Used For?

Once stainless steel has been recycled, it is often used for construction because of its great amount of strength. This recycled metal can also be used for storing food since it is non-reactive and does not cause chemical changes in the food being stored.

Stainless steel is also used in the production of medical equipment such as surgical tools. Recycling one ton of steel saves 1,100 kg of iron, 630 kg of coal, and 55 kg of limestone. Those who have scrap stainless steel are urged to browse our website for information on these services.