Understanding Your Rights After A Construction Accident In Brooklyn, NY

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Construction Accident in Brooklyn, NY is well-versed in the litigation process. He or she understands the potential for a severe injury within a construction site. He or she additionally understands the probability of Property damage in Brooklyn, NY. In most cases, the litigation process is initiated by an employee who has filed a claim through worker’s compensation and was denied by the employer or the insurance company. In these cases, the attorney must compile evidence that relates to this injury and proves its exact cause.

Dangerous Work Environments

In circumstances where a construction worker is injured, it is probable that an insurance provider will make attempts to discredit his or her worker’s compensation claim. Due to the hazards already associated with these jobs, the insurance companies dare to claim that the accident was the fault of the worker and not the employer.

It is through these circumstances that you need an effective personal injury attorney to file a new claim through your county court to demand these benefits. In these cases, it is necessary not only to secure medical evidence but additionally, eye witness accounts of the accident. With the job sites consistently in remote locations it is often difficult to prove where the accident occurred. With witness testimony and medical evidence to back up your claim, your attorney will work diligently to secure the worker’s compensation benefits you deserve.

Personal Injury Attorney

Attorneys Siler and Ingber provide assistance with worker’s compensation claims. They understand the needs of construction workers who are injured on the site and the potential for a severe or life-threatening injury due to elevation and equipment flaws. These attorneys provide legal counsel for all victims of construction accidents and enable them to seek the compensation that they deserve.


The results of a Construction Accident in Brooklyn, NY is at times devastating. Due to unstable work environments, it is likely that workers in this industry will sustain a traumatic injury at some point within his or her life. Unfortunately, some employers do not take into account the safety of their workers and fail to provide adequate insurance to cover the cost of medical treatment. When this is the case, it is necessary for the employee to seek legal representation and file a claim.