Understanding Professional Water Damage and Mold Cleanup in Salinas, CA

Home Improvement

When you have home damage due to fire or water, you need the help of experts who specialize in water damage and Mold Cleanup in Salinas, CA. Professionals, such as Property Restoration Services, offer benefits that include:

FAST RESPONSE: When firemen put out a blaze, they often use gallons of water and other substances. Just like a natural disaster, plumbing problem, or sewage backup, this can leave you with standing water that hides dangers. Restoration experts understand this, as well as your stress, so they respond to your call 24 hours a day. Technicians are experts at assessing the condition of your home and identifying hazards. They will quickly take measures to protect you from smoke, soot, unstable structures, and more.

WATER EXTRACTION: Bacteria begins to grow in standing water within an hour, and mold will take root in less than 48 hours. As a result, restoration experts use industrial-strength equipment to safely extract water as quickly as possible. This helps save property from further damage, and allows them to begin Mold Cleanup in Salinas, CA homes.

DRYING AND INSPECTION: The professionals at Property Restoration Services use specialized methods and equipment to dry every area of your home, and much of its contents. They even dry attics, basements, crawl spaces, and flooring. Cleaning crews then professionally remove residue, dirt, and grime, soot, and more. Technicians begin to inspect carefully for signs of mold.

MOLD REMEDIATION: Property Restoration Services include examining your home for moisture and areas that encourage mold growth. These include leaking pipes, damp foundations, and air ducts. Technicians often isolate affected areas, and use a variety of methods to kill and treat fungus growth.

RESTORATION: Water and fire damage experts can restore a surprising number of items, even after a major disaster. Professional cleaning often returns items to their original condition, and many restoration companies work with third-party vendors, who can restore carpeting, art, furniture and more. They will also rebuild structures, and bill their services to your insurance company.

After fire or water damage, it is smart to call restoration professionals. They provide 24/7 services, and will quickly identify hazards, remove water, dry your property, and remove mold. In addition, these experts can restore most property to pre-disaster condition.