Understanding Medical Negligence in Houston


There are many Americans that do not understand what conditions constitute medical malpractice. In many cases, a patient is not familiar with the terms that are used by physicians when they are explaining their diagnosis, providing medications, ordering the tests or providing instructions for continuing care. Additionally, everyone has the right to a certain level of care from physicians. If any of these things are not explained fully or a patient does not receive quality care, they may have the grounds for a medical negligence case.

Some of the most common reasons for a person to file a malpractice case, and be in need of lawyer services for medical negligence Houston, are listed here.


This is more commonly referred to as failure to diagnose, and can cause a wide array of medical issues for the patient due to the physicians failure to diagnose correctly. This may also occur because a doctor does not listen to the patients list of symptoms or explanation of how they are feeling. This can result in the wrong treatment being implemented or no treatment at all, which may wind up being fatal.

Injuries at Birth

Each year in the U.S. physicians fail to realize risks that could cause a birth defect. Many of these defects can lead to conditions such as facial paralysis, cerebral palsy and in some extreme cases, even death. This is usually due to a physician prescribing medications that to a pregnant woman that could increase the chances of a birth defect. It will require the services of an attorney practicing in the field of medical negligence in Houston to determine if you have a case.


There are many cases where patients staying in the hospital contract a serious, and in many cases life-threatening infection. Additionally, these infections may cause problems for the remainder of the person life, and in some cases death. This is one of the most overlooked type of negligence that is faced by patients each and every year. The fact is that these infections can be easily prevented if doctors provide proper care to their patients.