Understanding What Massage Therapy in Ft Campbell TN Can Do For the Mind and the Body


Many people think of getting a massage as a way to treat themselves. While there is nothing wrong with that, it helps to understand that Massage Therapy Ft Campbell TN is also used to treat a number of physical and emotional ailments. For this reason, the value of this type of treatment extends far beyond what most people think of when they call to make an appointment for a massage. The Physical BenefitsPeople who suffer with various types of aches and pains will find that working with a massage therapist will make a huge difference in the level of comfort they experience from day to day. With the right types of massage, it is possible to alleviate stress on muscles and nerves, something that in turn reduces the inflammation that causes pain.

In the best case scenarios, that will mean the lower back is no longer constantly aching, and it is easier to move the hands and feet without experiencing stiffness and pain. The sheer relief that comes from being free of the pain will make it much easier to enjoy the day. The Emotional BenefitsMassage Therapy Ft Campbell TN is also effective as part of the course of treatment for many types of emotional illnesses.

People who suffer with anxiety disorders tend to deal with minds that seem to constantly race. Being in mental overdrive all the time makes it impossible to get the rest that those over-stressed nerves require as part of the healing process. As the massage helps to drive tension out of the muscles, it is possible for the mind to begin slowing down. As a result, the patient enjoys a respite from feeling constantly wired. People with depression also find that massage works very well in conjunction with other treatments to help alleviate some of the symptoms.

Some professionals attribute this to the release of serotonin and other key neurotransmitters that help to balance the mood that will occur during a massage session. Even those short term benefits can provide the basis for gradually getting past the depression and getting back to enjoying life once more. For people who are interested in trying massage therapy, contact the team at the United Chiropractic Clinic. One consultation may be all it takes to unlock all the benefits that come with having two or three sessions a week.