Understanding Disability Requirements Through An Arlington Heights SS Benefits Lawyer


The DDS works closely with Tennessee social services and the Social Security Administration to make determinations about disability claims. This service reviews the claims submitted for approval to establish whether the disability identified is eligible for social security disability benefits. These disabilities must classify as physical, mental, or terminal. Evidence must be submitted with the application that supports the claim.

How Does this Work?

The application is received by the Disability Determination Service. All claims that show viable proof of a disability are forwarded to the SSA for further evaluation. At any time that the SSA requires further evidence, they will send the applicant to their own network of doctors. The findings of these doctors determine whether or not the applicant’s condition deemed them eligible for social security disability. The applicant is notified by mail of this decision.

To qualify for these benefits, the condition should render the individual incapable of performing any form of work. This is not limited to the type of work; he or she performed prior to acquiring the disability. The condition must prevent him or her from maintaining employment that would provide adequate earnings to allow them to support themselves financially.

This does not imply that the type of employment will not enable them to maintain the lifestyle that had prior to the disability. When injuries occur, lifestyle changes are sometimes necessary. To qualify for disability, the claimant must face difficulty due to a disability that will reduce their income down to the poverty level. If they qualify based on these requirements and are denied, the claimant should contact an Arlington Heights SS Benefits Lawyer.

If the application is accepted, the SSA provides instructions for the claimant such as providing the account number of their checking or savings account for distribution of benefits. The agency provides them with a starting date for these benefits and implies when they will appear in the applicant’s account. The value for monthly benefits is defined.

When claims are denied, the SSA provides a notification that explains why the applicant was denied. It further explains his or her right to file an appeal. To accomplish this task the applicant should contact an Arlington Heights SS Benefits Lawyer through Nash Disability Law to file this appeal.

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