Understanding Different Trim Levels When It Comes to Purchasing a Car


As you consider different vehicles at car dealers in Schaumburg, IL, one of the most common terms you’ll see describing those vehicles is their trim level. To ensure you’re getting the best deal on the car you choose, it’s crucial that you fully understand what this term means. Here, then, is a basic explanation of this term and why it’s important to your car shopping experience.

What’s Included?

Automotive manufacturers use the term trim level to describe the various ways that vehicles are equipped. This begins at the base level, which includes the equipment that’s included on every vehicle from that model year, and continues to the top trim level, which is typically set apart more by “creature comfort” features that not everyone will need. In between these two trim levels, there are typically three or four other trim levels that offer varying types of equipment and options.

How Do You Know?

When you’re looking out over a sea of vehicles at car dealers in Schaumburg, IL, it’s important to be able to quickly identify a vehicle’s trim level so you’ll know how it’s equipped. The trim level is usually denoted by a string of one, two, or three letters, numbers, or a combination of both in the form of a small badge on the rear of the vehicle. When saying the full name of the car, the trim level denotation would appear after the name of the make and model.

Why Is It Important?

There are two main reasons why the trim level of a vehicle is important to your car purchase decision. The first is to fully understand the options your vehicle will be equipped with. If you’re looking for a certain style of wheel or a certain type of seats, knowing a vehicle’s trim level can help you narrow down your options. Another way this comes into play is in the pricing of similar vehicles. If two vehicles appear to be exactly the same but are priced differently, check the trim levels of the two vehicles. If the trim levels are also the same, it’s important to consult with a salesperson to find out the reason for the price difference.