Understanding Dental Insurance Policies


Dental insurance is designed to help people cater to their dental needs. People rely on different dental plans depending on individual needs. Considering the consumer uptake of the various dental plans in the market, and the fact that most people are currently aware of their dental needs, it is vital to explore the different plans and what it means to have a dental insurance policy in Palm City FL.

Indemnity Dental Insurance Plan

Indemnity dental insurance is split into two: fee for service and managed care. One has to pay after the service before sending their claim to the insurance provider. In this plan, the insurance provider pays one’s dentist a percentage of the cost of services. The insurance consumer gets to pay more out-of-pocket since the plan involves only paying part of the costs charged. With the plan, one can get a wide variety of services. The patient, should, however, understand that there is a ceiling as to how much can be spent.

Dental Health Maintenance Organization (DHMO)

This involves a network of dentists and dental health providers who offer services at a fixed price. Consumers wishing to enroll to this plan must choose a primary dentist who will then offer them all their dental services without the customer having to file claims. Should there be the need for more specialized services, the primary dentist refers the patient to a specific specialist within the network. Dental health maintenance organization does not cover out-of-work costs. Therefore, the patient who uses such a dental insurance policy in Palm City FL will have to pay for all services rendered outside of the network. Patients can decide to change their primary dentists any time of the year.

Participating Provider Network (PPO)

In this plan, insurance consumers engage a network of health service providers and dentists. It is similar to DHMO, with the only difference being that patients can use doctors and dentists from outside the network for an additional cost. While the DHMO requires that the patient covers the entire cost, they only get to pay the difference in costs with PPO.

Understanding the types of dental insurance plan enables patients the chance to make the right decisions. Contact us for a detailed breakdown of the plans and other services.