Understanding The Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Process In Fairfield, OH


Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Fairfield, OH offers the chance to reorganize debts to devise a more effective and beneficial strategy to eliminate them. Through this process, the court initiates a debtor’s rehabilitation to assist the consumer in paying off these debts over time. The judge reviews his or her debts and determines which debts are eligible for discharge. These debts are eliminated from the debtor’s credit history. This process enables the debtor become debt free and rebuild his or her credit.

Understanding the Bankruptcy Process

Initially, you are required to contact an attorney and discuss your finances. Through this discussion your attorney calculates your overall debt. He or she collects information related to each debt and includes it in your claim. This information is used to contact your creditors who are notified that you are filing a bankruptcy claim.

Your attorney can negotiate on your behalf to acquire a settlement. These settlements are typically at least half the overall balance of the debt if not lower. This will decrease the overall bank claim over all in addition to any debts that the judge discharges that are subtracted from this balance. Once the claim is completed the judge reviews it at a hearing in which all creditors attend. The judge makes all final determinations.

Local Attorney

Dean Snyder Attorney provides assistance for consumers who have fallen significantly in debt. This attorney helps the consumer complete a claim for submission into court to begin his or her bankruptcy. This claim includes all debts, especially those in which the consumer has defaulted. Mr. Snyder can assist consumers avoid foreclosure and repossession. To schedule a consultation with Dean Snyder contact his law office at the number that appears on his website at Domain.


Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Fairfield, OH is a legal process in which a debtor can file a claim to initiate a reorganization of their debts. This option allows the consumer to enter into a court appointed rehabilitation program to assist them in learning how to pay off their debts effectively. Once the judge and creditors approve the claim, a starting date for payments is established. The judge then explains to the consumer all repercussions for missing payments.